Paddings use in css

Elements of the 4 properties provide padding define the CSS does. These properties can independently define each side of the padding you. If you want to keep the same padding to all sides so that the CSS property provide you another. All sides of the property you turn define the padding in a statement. Padding is used to define the pixels and padding may not be the value negative. Let’s try to learn about CSS is the padding properties.

padding-left property

The property left side of the padding define is to use. The value of this property gives you the inside left side to create as much space element becomes.

padding-right property

This property is via an element of the right padding define. The value of this property is not within the same space border is create the right side.

padding-top property

The property element upwards inside padding define border is to use.

padding-bottom property

By this property in any element can face downward padding define. The value of this property gives you more space element inside the border create downward becomes.



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