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Lists of any topic related important points to easily present is useful. 2 types of lists create the HTML you can do. Unordered lists and ordered lists are called. HTML lists create the HTML tags you want to use is given below.

ul – Ordered list
ol – Unordered list
li  – List items

HTML tags and CSS apply on the above lists you have the style. Lists in CSS to style the 4 important properties provide you said. The list of properties is provided below.

list-style (short hand)


list-style-type property of lists by numbering and bullets you have the control. Unordered lists in the case of this property, you can use different kinds of bullets. Ordered lists and in the case of this property, you can use different numbering.

none – value not any marker show
disc – value dark circle show
circle – value empty circle show.
square – value dark square show.

On the property you order lists (<ol> tag) you want to apply the values given below, you can use.

none numbering show this is not any kind of value.
decimal the value of the decimal (1,2,3,4,5,6) numbering occurs.
lower-roman roman numbers lower case of the value that is in the show.
upper-roman roman numbers upper case of this value are in the show.
lower-alphathere is show the value in the alphabets lower case.
upper-alphathere is show the value in the alphabets upper case.


By this property you can position define the numbering and bullets. You have 2 values define the property.

outside – do you define this value if the bullets / numbers and text in the space between lives. This text is different from the show.
inside – do you define the value when the bullets / numbers in the space between the text and the two appear together is short lived.


If you wish lists as a marker to use numbers instead of bullets and you can use any image too. This property is useful in situations when those lists according configure the design of your website is like.

list-style (shorthand) property

If you define the group several properties at once, if you want to define list-style (shorthand) property can use. First in the property value of list-style-type property value. You can then attach value of list-style-position property. And then you have to value define the list-style-image property.


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