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With CSS you can design the webpage’s text. The CSS properties provide you that much. Often confuse between designers font properties and text properties become. Before knowing about the detail of the text properties Let us see what the difference is between the two.

To represent the Fonts shape, such as a different font families (Times New Roman, etc.) have different shapes. The character draw different shapes with which they text (a, b, c, d @, #, etc.) is called.

color property

The property text-to-use is the color set. It can apply to different HTML elements. If you <body> tag to apply to do so is the value of this property is the same color webpage of all text. The property value of the name or hex value of color as you can give.


The property is to you by text alignment set to the webpage. The property has been below 4 None of you have a value define.

left – align the text left side of this value becomes.
right – align the text right side by the value falls.
justify – by the value you can align the text of the book.
center – align the text is in the center.


You can decorate the text is by the property. Etc. underline define such text beneath. 4 values given below of the property you have any value set.

none on the value of the text is not any decoartion.
underline – to set the value of the text is below the line appear.
overline – to apply to the value of the text is above the line appear.
line-through – use the value of the text on the line stretching between the cuts is increased.


By this property you can text the case set. Whether you can show the text in the upper case or lower case can show in. Of 4 values given below you can set any value of the property.



By this property you can indent set the first line of the paragraph. Indent paragraph’s first line is extra space in the line that the show is different from the other lines. The value of property in length or percentage you can give.


When you text the direction set by this property. What part of the text you want to start writing. The left and the right and the left and right and can be and can be. None of the values given below, you can set the value of this property.

ltr The value of text direction left by the right set you do.
rtl via the text of the property is left set the direction right.
initial the property of the text by default direction set you can.
inheritThe value set is the same as the direction parent element of the text.


By this property you can shadow display of text in a webpage. Value of the property as you do the first size define the horizontal shadow. When you define the size of the pixels. Then you do vertical shadow define. And finally he is color do you define the shadow you want to display.


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