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Any information in a structured form of tables is used to represent. HTML tags provide to the table create that. But if you look at the designing part by HTML tables can not design something special. But you do not need to be disappointed by the CSS styles apply you also have tables. The CSS is the 5 properties provide.

border-collapse property

As you can see all the cells of HTML tables have borders merged. But when you separate out whether their borders to each table cell can separately represent. When you use the border-collapse property. There are 2 possible values ​​of this property. The first is the value collapse. If you set this value to all cells and all the cells of the border collapse is to use the same border is. The property is the second value separate. If you set this value to each table cell is the border separately represent.

border-spacing property

This property by any table space define between the cells can. Both horizontally and vertically as the space you can define. Value of the property may also be a 2 could be. When you do a value define horizontal and vertical, it is both apply. If you have two values define the value horizontally apply, and the second is the value vertically apply.

caption-side property

Other common properties of these properties by the use of tables can design. Let’s try to learn about all these properties.

empty-cells property

By this property you can define the content of the cells is not whether or not to show their borders. 2 values of the property may be. May be the first value hide. When you set the value so that the cells do not have any content are their borders hide. The value define the value show that may occur when you do not have content in the cells that are their borders show.

table-layout property

By this property you can define the layout of the table will remain same in all browsers and windows, or will automatically change. 2 values of the property may be. You have fixed define a value. If you value define the layout of the table remains fixed in all browsers. You can auto define the value when you do these value define the table is according automatically change to the layout browsers.



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