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World Wide Web is nothing but a collection of links. Links through travel is a page to another page. CSS can help you through the design and the links to your page can according customize. Links to all of you have basic properties apply. But for this you have to use the selectors different. Links for each condition has a different selector provide. 

a : link

As I mentioned above you by the selector to link rules define the normal state is. These are the links to the state you see for the first time on a webpage. And yet, the link has not been the visit. Let’s see how this selector you can use.

a : visited

By the selector rules define for you the link when the link to the state visit has been utilized. This is an important selector. If you do use it, users are able to know what they have and what links visit has not yet visit.

a : hover

When the user mouse cursor over the link in it, what changes should have taken them to define a: hover selector is to use. For example, if you would take the user mouse cursor when you want to link the color red show. By use of the selector is a link highlight and he looks different. This in simple text is easy to become aware of the link. 

a : active

By this selector you have to link the state to the design is to be click on the link. You can link a color change in the state or even have other rules apply.

underline Removing  from links 

Down by default links to the incoming line if you want to remove it so you can use the text-decoration property of CSS. By this property you can underline show is back. You can give 2 values of the property. If there is none and underline a second.

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