CSS Borders

Border of any element is separate from the other elements. Borders to design the webpage you can create even more attractive. CSS has 4 properties provide you to help you have advanced designing of borders. Their list is provided below.

border (shorthand)

Do you have style define border of the property by. The property has the same values predefined list is provided below. The property value none of you does not give you border display.

none border show the value of the element does not occur.
solid by the value you have a solid border define.
double if you give the value of the show is the border double line.
dashed if you give the value border – (dash) is made up of the show.
dotteddotted show the value you have to border.
groovefrom the border grooved value appears.
ridge – the ridged border they can create value by use.
insetinset border show the value you have.
outsetoutset border show the value you have.


If you do not want to use the default width of the border and want to change it so that you can do by border-width property. By the property of their width customize according border can. The property is the value you give in pixels.


If you want to color change of the whole border border-color property so you have to use. In plain English, you can also give the value of the property and can also give in hex.


If you want to curve the corners of an element’s border or to give shape to it so you can use the border-radius property. Value of the property you can also give in pixels and can also give in%.

border (shorthand) 

If you have a single statement by the above properties you want to define border (shorthand) property can use. The property’s value define the properties you have all the above.


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